About Peach

We liberate the world’s ideas.

Since 1996, we’ve been shaking up the way advertising is distributed and powering the world’s most ambitious creative. Today, our technology is trusted by brands, agencies and production companies to get their ideas to audiences. Most broadcasters around the world rely on Peach every day.

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We are the advertising workflow experts

Peach helps brands connect with billions of consumers around the world. Our technology has revolutionised ad industry workflows, replacing laborious manual tasks with automated processes, and offering efficiency, visibility and security. Today, across digital and broadcast media, we enable our clients to fulfil the potential of complex campaigns.

Every member of our expert team still shares one goal: to help our clients get their creative to their audience as quickly, easily and effectively as possible.

Our history

When we were founded, ads were delivered by moped. Now we’re building solutions for a digital future. It’s been a fascinating journey. Here some of the highlights:

Team Peach

Peach’s team brings together decades of experience from across the creative, advertising and technology industries. We’re over 200 strong, speaking 35 languages in 36 offices around the world, with local experts on every aspect of ad distribution. Here are just a few of them.

Shelby Akosa

UK Managing Director

I've spent the last 20 years ensuring we have valuable, productive client collaborations. Creative, post, media & brands - I work with them all.

I'm passionate about clear communication, service, user experience and employing the best teams to develop lasting relationships.

Whatever you do, don't start me talking about running...

Arlene Wilkinson

Global Support Director

I've worked in this industry for 20 years and still love the technology, people and ever-changing processes. Collaborating with a great innovative global team is why Peach is an exciting place to work.

Simon Cox

Chief Executive Officer

I've loved spending the last twenty years taking technology based services that solve real problems for people from a UK launch market to the rest of the world.

Ross Priestley

Group Commercial Director

I joined in 1999 and my first role included responsibility for vacuuming our very small office! I’m now fortunate enough to head up the Enterprise Division looking after large multi-territory clients (with only occasional vacuuming responsibilities). I also work on new commercial opportunities and contracts across the business as well as looking after our licensee partners.

Colette Harrop

Country Manager, Ireland

I am super proud to represent a company who have gone through so many changes over the years yet remained true to their core values, always looking to improve efficiencies and client experience. With Peach I look forward to continuing to deliver the most advanced solutions for our clients!

Ashley Botten

Global Sales Director

I'm passionate about selling products that revolutionise industries. Video advertising is changing fast; content needs to be available faster than ever. Peach makes it possible. I lead sales and account management, supported by a great bunch of international colleagues in the sales team.

Richard Smith

Chief Operating Officer

I've worked in a variety of technology companies from big to small and many points in between. I like to work with inspiring people to make sure that the great products we create also make commercial sense. My team manages Finance, IT and HR for the business helping to make everything work smoothly.

Chris Jones

Account Manager

Working in the media industry for over 6 years building up a strong network of connections within creative agencies, production companies, sound studios, media agencies and broadcasters. Account managing multiple global clients who distribute content anytime, anywhere. Able to sniff out the best lunch spots and the worst coffee spots. Football and sneaker crazy, I enjoy cycling and eating London's best burgers.

Angela Walsh

Head of Client Services, Peach Media

Harmonised data and happy clients, that’s my mantra. I landed in TV media in 2005 and immediately realised the power of clean data and systemisation. I work closely with our key media owners and agency clients in the UK and Ireland, championing CARIA, scoping and introducing extensions, and delivering systemisation, increasingly in areas beyond linear TV. I also manage the TV industry’s gold standard Attribution naming service, with Clearcast, which we’re currently extending from TV to cover VoD.

Christian Jones

Digital Business Development Director

A marketer with over 15 years of experience in the media and marketing industry, passion in digital sales and client servicing, I have worked in startups, market leaders, in ad tech as well as agencies. Peach already see so much video content, we have the experience and the right to solve video workflow problems for the wider digital marketplace. I also have a passion for food, my family and anything to do with winter sports.

Dan Shawcross

Director of Client Service, Peach Media

I’ve spent 15 years working with the CARIA service, changing the media landscape in the UK and Ireland. I work with media sellers and agencies, focusing on delivering efficiencies for them. I’m passionate about providing great service, and I’m excited about the next stage of Peach Media, creating even more value through APIs, Advanced TV and VoD and automation at every turn.

Vanessa Alonso

Enterprise Account Director

A native producer with 12+ years experience in the advertising industry born in Venezuela and exported to the UK in 2010. I've joined Peach originally with the mission to plant the pit and bring the sun for peaches to bloom in the Latin American TV space. Currently my experience and skills are focused on international clients with a particular interest in Hollywood Studios and FMCG brands. My passion to master, simplify complex workflows and develop accounts globally is fresh and blooms every day as peaches do in spring. Cooking is a real passion of mine, as is traveling especially if I can make use of my Spanish and Portuguese language skills in my adventures

James Carpenter

President North America

Getting people together to build extraordinary things is what I love doing most. Having spent 30 years disrupting the ad industry in Europe - founding Digidubs (later Adstream) and Honeycomb - I’m now pioneering Peach’s move into the US.

Jonathan Harris

Account Manager

With a background in post and sound studios across Soho, London, I have worked within the media industry now for nearly a decade, with a detour via being a touring musician. In account management I have worked to streamline the video advertising delivery process for creative agencies, post-houses, media buyers and broadcasters, to allow technology to empower the creative. Avid football and burger fan as well as an expert crowd surfer.

Anette Lindquist

Business Development and Client Servicing

Having worked in the media industry for the past 20 years I understand the challenges agencies and brands face with getting their ads on air but also the requirements and needs of broadcasters and media owners.

Doug Conely

Chief Product Officer

I took the long route via strategy consulting, banking, and then corporate development at Yahoo to fall in love with product management in digital businesses: solving problems with technology and building the teams to do it. The time is right to bring the maturity of TV workflow automation to the addressability and experiences of online video… and vice versa.

Ben Smith

Business Development

Senior Product and Sales executive with over 25 years’ experience in advertising and post production. I specialise in the development of new, intuitive, platform builds and am as comfortable selling as I am creating.

Andrew Fox

Chief Design Officer & Head of Marketing

I’ve been designing and building digital work since 1994. I’m now shepherding Peach’s communications, brand, UX and design. I get to work with a fantastic team of people who help me look good and prevent my worst Goth tendencies.

Al Hepworth

Chief Technology Officer, Peach Media

I’m an innovator and systems virtuoso. Of late I’ve been busy designing, integrating and evolving our industry-leading data platforms. After tinkering with astrophysics and pioneering e-commerce tech back in the day, I co-founded start-up Optimad in 1999 and led the team that created CARIA® and ARPP.TV in an attempt to bring some order and efficiencies to the media industry.

Peter Elleby

Chief Technology Officer

The ambition of my talented team is to create great products, based on cutting-edge technology, that will excite and impress our current and future customers. Peach provides a unique opportunity to use my detailed knowledge of some of the most sophisticated ad platforms and video processing systems.

Michael Atkins

Regional Director, Asia Pacific

I'm based in Tokyo, with a remit covering fast-growing markets for Peach in the Asia Pacific region. A vibrant menagerie of languages, thousand-years-old cultures, subtle market nuances, yet at the cutting edge of future change, make it an amazing place to work and live. My 25+ years ad industry experience, along with a fascination for all things video and digital, make this gig the best.

Frank Lakebrink

Head of Europe

Having worked in the advertising business for over twenty years, I've always loved creativity, innovation and collaboration. That's what Peach is all about.

Ralph Alexander Hekmat

Director of Business Development Europe

With more than 25 years experience at multimedia sales houses, media agencies and global brands (ProSiebenGroup, Havas Media, GORE-TEX, BMW, SEAT), I'm an internationally connected sales and media professional. At Peach, I make media projects possible and develop new markets by positioning products and brands. I create lean, agile businesses in Europe with sustainable revenue and high margins by building highly motivated local sales teams.